Gayle Williams-Brett, Yoga, Hypnosis, Reiki Master

Reiki is a form of energy work that uses hands on healing that can be done without touch and over any distance. Powerful and gentle, Reiki works with your body and what you need, goes to where it is most needed.
Born and raised in New York City, Gayle started her yoga practice in grade school after reading  her mom’s "Yoga for Health " books by Richard Hittleman and learning all the postures.  She began classes in high school with Michaeline Kiss, author of Yoga at Your Desk: A Guide to Reducing Stress.  In 1995 Gayle took a training at the Bateman Institute for Health Education, which included courses in yoga, nutrition and Qigong.
In 2002 Gayle took Reiki I and Reiki II with Carole Harbard, followed by Reiki III with Nadine Boles in Brooklyn, where she participated in Reiki shares.
Gayle took the Prana Yoga Teacher Training in 2005-2006 with Jeff Migdow MD and Priti Robyn Ross, E-RYT. A client-centered approach, accessible to questions, focused on self care and care for others, Gayle discovered a wonderful learning experience.

Gayle enjoys water color, photography, walking, being out in nature, going on hikes, exploring the beach and the mountains. She is here to assist you in achieving increased health, a sense of well being and inner calmness.

Gayle-Williams Brett, Reiki, Yoga, Hypnosis
(831) 316-8760

"...the sight of a small bird hopping from branch to branch may signal for us to use a talent other than our greatest strength and to take small leaps rather than fly over details..." - The DailyOm